Community Projects

Our community projects pick up on the topics that matter to you and your neighborhood. Sometimes we feel like we are alone with our problems, or like we cannot change anything. But there are many people out there who are dealing with very similar problems. Would you like to meet them? Our goal is to bring you people together.

Why? Because…

  • together we can generate better ideas and help each other.
  • we can learn from other people’s expertise and experience.
  • together we are stronger in confronting our landlords, bosses or Jobcenter clerks.


German, English, Turkish, Arabic

What we offer

How do I find a spot at a Berlin kindergarten? Where do I get a Kita-Gutschein (nursery voucher)? What is the best way to apply? Our Kita Search group helps you find answers to these questions. Together, we write applications, call Kitas, exchange tipps on open Kita spots and much more. Don’t hesitate to come around!

Open meetings every two weeks
Find our upcoming dates in the calendar on our landing page.

Kiezrat Rollberg / Rollberg neighborhood community council 

You live in the Rollberg neighborhood in Neukölln and are facing hefty arrear payments? Your heating has stopped working and you’re freezing? The elevator in your house is out of service? Come to the Kiezrat Rollberg (our Rollberg neighborhood community council) and bring your neighbors. Here, locals join forces to help each other deal with landlords and to fight for better housing conditions in our community. Geko supports the work of the Kiezrat.

Open meetings every 3 weeks

If you’re struggling with a problem regarding your apartment or want to inquire on upcoming events, please contact us via phone call or WhatsApp.


Thursdays, 9-17

Contact via phone call, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal


Dorit Philipps

Nachbarschaftsprojekte / Community Projects


Phone: +49 176 57715050 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal)


At Geko-Stadtteil-Gesundheits-Zentrum
Ground floor

Rollbergstraße 30
12053 Berlin